Your Intro to CPQ Software

What is CPQ Software?

In the technological era, you no longer need to rely on legacy solutions for sales. Your teams can utilise technology to ensure they are able to fulfil their true potential. Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) software is used by organisations that want to accurately and quickly generate quotes. CPQ software can be used in conjunction with other tools built to help organisations streamline processes, such as CRM planforms, PSA tools and ERP programs. CPQ software makes it quicker and easier for your MSP’s sales team to generate quotes and configure pricing, while guaranteeing total accuracy.
They can also integrate CPQ software with CRM tools to streamline procedures and eradicate monotonous and unnecessarily time-consuming tasks. This means that the sales cycle is shortened, and the configuration and pricing procedures are enhanced. Your MSP needs a CPQ solution that allows your salespeople to create a quote on a single, easy-to-use dashboard. As time is of the essence for your MSP, it is essential that this process is incredibly simple, and is able to use real-time pricing and availability.  Your CPQ software should also utilise automation to minimise data duplication and inputting, so you are able to use tools like Autotask without having to switch between multiple screens.

Why does your MSP need CPQ software?

Essential data

MSP CPQ solutions enable you to maintain a single source of accurate product, service, and pricing information. Thanks to MSP quoting software, all of this is accessible across your entire organisation, instantly.

All updates regarding products, services or price changes can be initiated from one, centralised location.

You can also leverage your MSP quoting software to track stock levels, covert prices to international currencies, and even automatically apply discounts dependent on specific customers or volumes.

Accurate quotes

For your sales team, being able to produce accurate quotes, despite the products or services being complex, is integral. Your CPQ software allows your teams to do this, which is essential for MSPs that will be providing a variety of products, services and solutions to a number of different clients.

A crucial feature of CPQ software, for MSPs, is automation. Your sales team is able to automatically create quotes using real-time pricing and availability data, rules, and sales policies all from one centralised location. This removes the amount of time spent going between different tools, and significantly reduces the possibility of providing clients with incorrect quotes.

Boost margins

As an MSP, your bottom-line counts. MSP CPQ software is able to help you seal deals of a larger size, as it can automatically identify opportunities to cross and upsell. The software can highlight extra products or services that can work together and present them to your client at a favourable price.

This is also a benefit for your clients, as they will be presented with opportunities to grow their business through the help of CPQ software. As you save significant time during pricing and quoting, your sales margin is also increased with each sale.

How CPQ Software Improves
Sales Workflow

CPQ software significantly increases employee productivity, leaving them with more time to focus on the client. By streamlining processes, your sales workflow is significantly improved. CPQ software:
Provides consistent, real-time pricing and greater control.
Automatically provides your clients with discounts.
Removes time-consuming, highly administrative tasks.
Offers greater margin on each sale.
Automatically identifies potential cross and upsell opportunities.
burdensome sales obstacles.
Significantly increases the speed and
accuracy of quote generation.
approval time.
Gets your teams from quote to cash in less time.
Significantly reduces pricing and configuration errors.

CPQ and CRM Integrations

Many organisations view their CPQ software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools as two separate entities. However, by integrating the two together, you are not only enhancing the productivity, efficiency and effectivity of your sales team, but you are providing a better experience for your clients.
Some of the key benefits of CPQ software and CRM integration are:

You can spot potential sales opportunities, automatically

Alleviate burdensome, administrative tasks that can be extremely time-consuming

Close on deals faster

Identify cross and upsell opportunities to drive revenues

Get to grips with complex products or services quicker

Insights and analytics that can help increase the success of future sales opportunities

And much, much more...

CPQ and PSA integrations (Autotask)

Finding a cost-effective CPQ solution is paramount to your MSPs success, and CPQ PSA integration provides you with this. Your teams can access pricing, inventory, proposal management and orders all from within their integrated PSA tool. This removes back and forth processes, meaning quote generation is faster, pricing for bidding can be automated and you can track and manage approvals through your system. This saves your sales team masses of time, meaning they are able to focus on what matters: your customers.

 Your MSP will also be granted greater insights into how you can improve operations. Your CPQ and PSA integrated software will identify issues in how your MSP is functioning and make suggestions on how you can easily streamline processes. CPQ and PSA integration also provides your MSP with bolstered strategy and foresight as it is able to forecast demands for revenue, cash flow and resources to ensure you are never caught out.  

Salesbuildr is a CPQ software, self-service storefront and web-based quoting tool which can integrate with a large number of European distributors, such as Autotask PSA. Our software is able to significantly reduce data duplication and inputting by automatically including quotes to tools like Autotask.

Why Salesbuildr?

Through Salesbuildr, a web-based quoting tool and self-service storefront, you can integrate with your distributors, as well as Autotask, meaning you can create quotes with the click of a button. This increases your margins, streamlines procedures and enables you to provide an exemplary service to your clients. Some of the key benefits of Salesbuildr are as follows:

Automated product information management

Provide a next level customer experience with your B2B storefront

Fully branded

Fast support from our team

Increase revenue

Manage your catalog

Better quotes

Personalised UX

And much more

Through Salesbuildr, a web-based quoting tool and self-service storefront, you can integrate with your distributors, as well as Autotask, meaning you can create quotes with the click of a button. This increases your margins, streamlines procedures and enables you to provide an exemplary service to your clients. Some of the key benefits of Salesbuildr are as follows:

Lightning fast, powerful quotes that get deals signed

Apply one-click translations for labels and buttons on quotes

Automatically keep cost and sale prices updated

Create beautiful cover pages with images and merge fields

Add attachments, images and videos

Enable customers to change quantities and provide context

Collaborate with customers using the built-in chat system

Track changes, views and approvals using the audit trail

Supports instant or SSO based approvals

Provide your sales team with a best-in-class MSP quoting software, such as Salesbuildr, to ensure your MSP is able to achieve the best results.

 It’s time to experience the powerful sales potential of Salesbuildr.

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