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Stop spending time on tasks, start spending time on sales

Salesbuildr helps IT Managed Service Providers to add more revenue and margin in less time. We do this by automating your sales workflow, eliminating repetitive tasks and impressing your customers with a great buying experience.

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Get aligned and save time

Enjoy peace of mind

Get in control

Manage what you sell

Manage who you sell to

Manage how you sell

Increase margins and revenue by building a portfolio of products and services that automatically updates using distributor and PSA integrations

Prevent mistakes and recurring tasks by standardising payment terms, approval workflows and storefront access for customers and contacts

Manage your pipeline and easily create  template based contracts, proposals or quotes that are automatically processed on customer approvals

Customer testimonials

Salesbuildr saves us countless hours each month in creating great looking quotes for our customers.

Rob Zwezerijn

Salesbuildr helped us onboard quickly and the team is very responsive when help is needed.

Luc Pijls

We love how the self service portal enables us to let customers place orders without the need for sales support.

Dennis Ebbenhorst

CEO / Bizzcon

Our sales team is saving so much time and the Salesbuildr team are quick to pick-up and execute on suggestions

Koos Stoop

Teamleader / Theiner ICT

Our sales team of 10 works from multiple lines of business. Salesbuildr delivers perfectly on their promise.

Wouter Mertens

CEO / Expro

The wealth of experience with Autotask in the Salesbuildr team shows and is of great value to us.

Jean-Paul de Pundert


Salesbuildr integrates with existing systems and distributors

Discover Salesbuildr for Autotask

Centralised product management

Whether you sell one-time products, recurring services or a combination of both, Salesbuildr's automatically updates your product- and service catalog leaving you and your team more time to offer premium support and sales to your customers.

  • A central catalog with everything that you sell
  • Automatically update information, pricing and availability and push to Autotask
  • Automatically pull in new and updates services from Autotask
  • Create bundles with mandatory and optional add-ons
  • Save time with smart filters and bulk editing
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Product management

Customer storefronts

Provide customers with a frictionless self service purchasing experience for items they buy on a regular basis. Perfect for co-managed it services. Approved quotes and opportunities are automatically updated in Autotask and attachments are uploaded and emailed to stakeholders.

  • Salesbuildr keeps your products and prices up to date
  • Create customer specific storefronts
  • Configure business rules for approvals
  • Automatically converts to won deals in Autotask
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Sell solutions instead of hard- and software

Because your customers want business outcomes, Salesbuildr enables you to combine hardware, software, services and labour into bundles that offer just that.

  • Stay organised with categories and subcategories
  • Add category based up- and cross sell items
  • Increase revenue and margins
  • Sell how your customer wants to buy
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Manage customers and contacts

Companies and contacts in Autotask are accessible in Salesbuildr using filters and fast workflows. Prevent mistakes with smart business rules to automatically apply customer specific pricing, access, templates, approval workflows and order confirmations.

  • Manage customer and contact access
  • Enable Microsoft or Google SSO
  • Set customer specific pricing using discount groups
  • Configure customer specific approval workflows
  • Automatically send order confirmations

Manage your sales pipeline

Quickly create template based opportunities and quotes and get a visual of your sales pipeline with filters for customers, stage and owner.

  • Configure default values for quotes and opportunity fields
  • Automatically update your opportunities based on the status of the quote
  • Use powerful quote and proposal templates that include products
  • Quickly copy existing quotes or create new templates

Instant high converting quotes

Instantly build powerful, complex and dynamic quotes with our template based drag and drop editor. Approval workflows translate into won deals, automatically updated opportunities and order confirmations.

  • Lightning fast, powerful quotes that get deals signed
  • Apply one-click translations for labels and buttons on quotes
  • Automatically keep cost and sale prices updated
  • Create beautiful cover pages with images and merge fields
  • Add attachments, images and videos
  • Enable customers to change quantities and provide context
  • Collaborate with customers using the built in chat system
  • Track changes, views and approvals using the audit trail
  • Supports instant or SSO based approvals

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How Salesbuildr improves your Sales workflow

Without Salesbuildr

  • The daily search across multiple distributor portals for pricing and availability and then having to manually update your products and services
  • Hours spent manually creating static text based PDF quotes that never look good
  • Valuable time is lost spending time on repetitive quotes for items with a low order value and thin margins with customers being forced to call or mail to request a quote
  • Going back and forth over email to address questions and concerns on quotes and while loosing track of the latest status and PDF attachments
  • Manually having to chase opportunities and quotes based on the latest status and updating your pipeline in two different systems
  • Lose track of product availability in outstanding quotes and spending hours keeping your portfolio current and accurate

With Salesbuildr

  • Automatically pull in distributor product information, pricing and availability, all in one place, always up-to-date and pushed to Autotask
  • Use templates to generate beautiful, customer interactive quotes in minutes or even seconds
  • Enable customers to self service order standardised bundles from a customisable store front without the need for sales intervention
  • Say goodbye to long email treads and attachments by directly collaborating on quotes with a audit trail to keep track of changes and events
  • Automatic template based reminders notify customers and accountmanager when quotes are about to expire, while automated rules keep your opportunities in Autotask up to date
  • Complete, simple and automated product information management with bulk edit functionality

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My name is Victor Raessen and i'm the founder of Salesbuildr. I have an extensive background in the MSP landscape as a former MSP business owner, employe and ex-Datto country manager.

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During the call, we would like to understand the pain points that you are trying to solve and the improvements your are looking to make.

You will learn how Salesbuildr can help you save time, generate more revenue, increase your margins and deliver a modern experience to your team and customers.

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