Your customers demand a modern sales experience. Deliver it with Salesbuildr

Salesbuildr is a web based quoting tool and self service storefront that integrates with Autotask and your distributors. It enables you to create quotes in minutes, achieve better margins and send out great looking interactive quotes.

      5x faster quote
       Automate up- and cross-sell
       Reduce tedious tasks by 80%

Integrated with leading distributors in Western Europe

Why Salesbuildr?

Our customers experience a 5x faster sales workflow and see an 80% reduction in manual repetitive tasks while leaving a modern and professional impression to their customers.

High converting, instant quotes without the hassle

Instantly build powerful, dynamic quotes with our template based drag and drop editor.

  • Lightning fast, powerful quotes that get deals signed
  • Apply one-click translations for labels and buttons on quotes
  • Create beautiful cover pages with images and merge fields
  • Add attachments, images and videos
  • Enable customers to change quantities and provide context
  • Collaborate with customers using the built in chat system
  • Track changes, views and approvals using the audit trail

Save time, increase revenue and grow margins with your own B2B storefront

Customers increasingly prefer to self-service when placing small or repeat orders. Now they can with a user experience that is easier than ordering a new vacuum cleaner on Amazon.

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  • Offer self-service sales with a beautiful storefront.
  • Increase your margins. No more time spend manually creating quotes and updating your system for small orders with low margins.
  • Offer smart tracking for product availability

Reduce admin, spend time where it matters

Salesbuildr works with automatic updates for products, templates for quotes and automation rules for opportunities. This leaves you and your team more time to offer premium support and sales to your customers

  • Automatically update cost prices for products and apply markups per category
  • Give customers one-click access to quotes and orders
  • Reduce support queries by 80% with self-service options
  • When your customers need help or are about to buy, provide instant chat support

How Salesbuildr improves your Sales workflow

Without Salesbuildr

  • The daily search across multiple distributor portals for pricing and availability and then having to manually update your products and services
  • Hours spent manually creating static text based PDF quotes
  • Valuable time is lost spending time on repetitive quotes for items with a low order value and thin margins
  • Going back and forth over email to address questions and concerns on quotes and loosing track of the latest status
  • Manually having to chase and update opportunities and quotes based on the latest status and line items
  • Lose track of product availability in outstanding quotes and spending hours keeping your portfolio current and accurate

With Salesbuildr

  • Automatically pull in distributor product information, pricing and availability, all in one place, always up-to-date and pushed to Autotask
  • Use templates to generate beautiful, customer interactive quotes in minutes or even seconds
  • Enable customers to self service order standardised bundles from a customisable store front without the need for sales intervention
  • Say goodbye to long email treads and attachments by directly collaborating on quotes with a audit trail to keep track of changes and events
  • Automatic template based reminders notify customers and accountmanager when quotes are about to expire, while automated rules keep your opportunities in Autotask up to date
  • Complete, simple and automated product information management with bulk edit functionality

Plus all of this...

Fully yours

Customise Salesbuildr to match your brand identity: name, colours, logos, products & content

You're supported

Real support from our team. Plus clear guides with videos to get you set up fast

Increase revenue

Easily add up- and cross-sell items like hardware, software or services to laptops and desktops

Work together

Collaborate with your team and customers in real time on opportunities and quotes

Easy login

Let customers use Microsoft or Google SSO to login and approve quotes, no need for magic tokens or separate accounts

Manage your catalog

Automatically pull in product information, pricing and availability and easily manage your portfolio using bulk edit actions

Better quotes

Drag-and-drop quote builder with support for templates, attachments, images, videos, chat and tracked changes

Personalised  UX

Give your customers a personalised welcome with customer Information and product suggestions in their dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Salesbuildr synchronise changes to Autotask?

Yes, it synchronises changes to products and services. Salesbuildr creates opportunities and quotes in Autotask and adds the line items for you. Approved quotes in Salesbuildr end up as approved quotes in Autotask. Changes to companies and contacts in Autotask are instantly pushed to Salesbuildr.

How does the self service functionality work?

You can offer self service ordering on a per customer basis including customer specific products and categories. You can enable rule based order approval workflows per customer where your contactperson can place and order and their manager will get a notification for final approval before the order is placed.

Does Salesbuildr work with my existing distributors?

We support all major distributors across Western Europe and then some. Chances are that yours will be on the list. We also pull in your internal inventory from within Autotask.

Can I create bundled offerings?

Yes, you can combine hardware, software and services to create packaged solutions that consist of a base product or service with standard or optional product add-ons.

How quickly can we send our first quote?

Our team will onboard you and provide you with the initial configuration, customised templates and user training. You should be able to send your first quote within an hour of delivery. book a demo for more details.

What does the pricing look like?

Pricing is dependent on your users and modules chosen. Book a demo for more details.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes. You can try out Salesbuildr for a week. We will cancel your contract if you are not completely happy with the onboarding and promised outcomes.

What are your contract terms?

Salesbuildr can be canceled on a monthly basis after the initial period of 12 months.

Where is my data being stored?

Salesbuildr runs on Google Firebase and Elasticsearch. You data is stored across redundant datacenters in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Who is behind Salesbuildr?

Salesbuildr was founded by Victor Raessen who was previously director for Datto Benelux and before that a long term Autotask customer with more than 25 years of experience working in MSP.  Salesbuildr was built from the ground up using the latest technology by a team of professionals across product, development and UX/UI with a tight collaboration with a group of Autotask partners.

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