Your customers demand a modern sales and support experience. Deliver it with Salesbuildr

Salesbuildr is an all-in-one sales and support platform for Managed Service Providers on Autotask. Quickly create high-converting quotes, reduce repetitive tasks, and drive revenue with a self-service storefront for your customers.

✅  5x faster quotes ✅  Automate up- and cross-sells ✅ Reduce tedious tasks by 80%

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Create beautiful, high-performing quotes. Add upsells. Automatically import product details.


Customers can purchase and get help without reaching out. Offer sales and self-service support 24/7.


Automatically download product details, pricing and availability from a large collection of distributors.


Save time with workflow automations, product management, opportunities and quotes.

Why Salesbuildr?

Our customers create quotes 5x faster and see an 80% reduction in tedious tasks

Without Salesbuildr

  • Hours spent manually creating one-off PDF quotes
  • Long unproductive sales phone calls or emails
  • Tedious, repeated questions and concerns on quotes, orders and issues
  • Lose track of product availability in outstanding quotes
  • Time lost creating quotes for items with a low order value and thin margins
  • Constant daily searching of distributor portals for product availability

With Salesbuildr

  • Generate beautiful, lightning-fast interactive quotes in minutes
  • Publish your own fully customisable and interactive store front
  • Provide an interactive self service experience with chat support
  • Complete, simple and automated product information management
  • Enable customers to self service order standardised bundles from your store front
  • Keep track of inventory for a wide range of distributors, all in one place and always up-to-date

What can Salesbuildr do?

High converting, instant quotes without the faff

Instantly build powerful, dynamic quotes with our drag and drop editor, without pasting images or searching distributor platforms.

  • Lightning fast, powerful quotes that get deals signed
  • Quickly bundle hardware, software and service offerings
  • Add attachments like SLAs & T&Cs, images and video
  • View an example quote built with Salesbuildr here

Grow revenue with your own storefront

Customers expect to self-service when placing small or repeat orders. Now they can. Create a modern storefront for them to search, shop, and order.

  • Offer self-service sales with a beautiful storefront
  • Increase your margins. No more manual processing of small orders.
  • Connected to 95% of distributors, and growing
  • Offer smart tracking and notifications on product availability

What can Salesbuildr do?

Reduce admin, spend time where it matters

Less manual lookups, searching email, and tracking down documents for your team. Your Salesbuildr portal serves over 80% of your customers' needs, leaving your team more time to offer premium support and sales.

  • Give customers one-click access to quotes, issue tracking, and documentation
  • Reduce support queries by 80% with self-service options
  • When your customers need help or are about to buy, provide instant chat support

Plus all of this...

Fully yours

Customise your Salesbuildr platform to match your brand identity: name, colours, logos, products & more

You're supported

Real support from our team. Plus clear guides to get you set up fast

Increase revenue

Easily add up- and cross-sell items like hardware, software or services

Know your customers

Quick access to customer insights for opportunities, quotes and tickets

Easy login for customers

Let your customer login with their existing Microsoft or Google account, no need for separate accounts

Manage your catalog

Easily manage your portfolio and push changes to your PSA system

Better quotes

Drag-and-drop quote builder with support for templates, attachments, images and videos

Personalised  UX

Give your customers a personalised welcome with product suggestions in your web portal

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Salesbuildr synchronise changes to Autotask?

Yes, it synchronises changes for products, services, opportunities and quotes.

Does Salesbuildr work with my existing distributors?

We support all major distributors across Western Europe and then some. Chances are that yours will be on the list.

Can I create bundled offerings?

Yes, you can combine hardware, software and services to create packaged solutions.

When will Salesbuildr launch?

We will launch early January.

What does the pricing look like?

Pricing is dependent on your Autotask users, book a demo for more details.

Who built Salesbuildr?

Salesbuildr was founded by Victor Raessen, who has more than 25 years of experience working for and with MSPs. The team consists of multiple professionals across product, development and UX/UI.

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