Salesbuildr for ConnectWise PSA

Designed to revolutionise your IT sales process, Salesbuildr offers native integration with ConnectWise PSA. This seamless integration equips your business with powerful capabilities for a streamlined and efficient sales workflow.

When you create or alter an opportunity or quote in Salesbuildr, these changes are automatically and instantly reflected within ConnectWise PSA, ensuring your customers, contacts, opportunities, and quotes are always up to date.

This automatic synchronisation extends to products, services, and labour, keeping your records consistently in sync.

Our ConnectWise PSA integration is currently in progress.
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Reducing Manual Data Entry with Salesbuildr

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No more redundant, time-consuming input tasks — this seamless integration allows companies, contacts, opportunities, quotes, and products to be automatically created and instantly updated within ConnectWise PSA the moment you make changes in Salesbuildr.

The streamlined process minimises the risk of human error, ensures accurate data synchronisation, and liberates your sales and operations teams to focus on more strategic tasks that drive growth and profitability.
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Harness the Power of Salesbuildr's ConnectWise PSA Integration

With Salesbuildr, your opportunities in ConnectWise PSA are created automatically. This means less time spent on tasks, and more time spent on making sales.
Our sophisticated integration ensures quotes and line items are instantly created in ConnectWise PSA and remain in sync with every change you make.
Companies and Contacts
Salesbuildr brings your companies and contacts from ConnectWise PSA into a user-friendly interface. Any changes to companies and contacts are processed in real-time in Salesbuildr using ConnectWise PSA webhooks.
Salesbuildr pulls your recurring services from ConnectWise PSA into its interface every time you create or update a service, ensuring your service offerings are always up to date.
Salesbuildr integrates with your non-recurring products from ConnectWise PSA, arranging them in easily navigable categories and subcategories. Salesbuildr automatically enriches products with information, cost, markup, and price from connected distributors.

Enhance Productivity with Integrated Systems

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The synchronisation between Salesbuildr and ConnectWise PSA goes beyond just record keeping. It creates a seamlessly integrated sales workflow, enhancing productivity and ensuring your teams can work more efficiently.

Consider a scenario where a quote is approved in Salesbuildr. The PDF and customer comments are instantly uploaded to ConnectWise PSA, keeping all the vital information readily accessible in one place.

This automated workflow empowers teams to respond faster to customer needs and facilitates better collaboration by offering a unified view of sales activities.

How ConnectWise PSA Complements Salesbuildr

ConnectWise is an industry-leading PSA, but it becomes even more effective when integrated with Salesbuildr. Its customisable dashboards and reliable uptime work in harmony with Salesbuildr's automation, providing a unified, comprehensive view of your entire business operation.

With the ability to pull in products and recurring services from ConnectWise PSA, Salesbuildr helps organise your product catalogue in a customer-friendly manner.

The integration leverages ConnectWise's robust APIs, adding another dimension to Salesbuildr's capabilities, making the combined platform an incredibly potent tool for boosting sales and customer satisfaction.
Salesbuildr pulls in your roles from ConnectWise PSA so you can use them in your quotes, proposals and self-service store.

This includes hours added as labour quote line items, pre-defining description, cost, and sales price for each role, and automatically updating your products in ConnectWise with name, description, cost, markup, and sales prices.
With Salesbuildr, shipping types set up in ConnectWise PSA can be used for quotes and proposals.

You can pre-define cost and sales price for each shipping type through Salesbuildr and set rules to add shipping to quotes and proposals automatically based on the product category.
Salesbuildr allows you to use vendors that are set up in ConnectWise PSA as custom suppliers for products.

You can update products in ConnectWise with cost prices from vendors, define custom or special bid prices from vendors, and automatically update the product entity in ConnectWise.
Salesbuildr integrates your product inventory from ConnectWise PSA into Salesbuildr.

You can choose the warehouse you would like to synchronise and set alerts and notifications for items that fall below a specific stock level.

Maximise Your Competitive Edge with Special Bid Pricing

Salesbuildr enables MSPs to easily leverage special bid pricing in the increasingly competitive IT services landscape, as easy as copy and paste.

Win More Business:
Salesbuildr utilises special bids to offer your end customers competitive pricing and incentives, giving you an advantage in securing new business. It also streamlines the creation of bundled packages of hardware, software, and services at discounted prices, enhancing your customers' purchasing experience.
Boost Profitability:
Special bids can improve your profitability by providing access to discounted pricing. Salesbuildr simplifies special bid management, helping you optimise resources, reduce costs, and maintain healthy profit margins.
Foster Strong Vendor Relationships:
Special bids facilitate stronger relationships with your vendors and distributors. Salesbuildr’s platform enhances communication and collaboration, demonstrating your value as a partner.

Why Choose Salesbuildr for ConnectWise?

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Salesbuildr was created to fill a gap in the market for a robust sales tool for ConnectWise PSA. With our platform, you can leverage the power of ConnectWise, manage your sales more efficiently, and enhance your bottom line.
For MSPs using ConnectWise PSA, Salesbuildr stands out for its seamless functionality, excellent user experience, and powerful features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Salesbuildr’s integration with ConnectWise require any manual intervention for updates?
No, the integration between Salesbuildr and ConnectWise PSA is designed to be automatic and instant. Any change in Salesbuildr reflects immediately in ConnectWise PSA.
Can I still use ConnectWise's features when I integrate with Salesbuildr?
Absolutely. The integration is designed to enhance and complement the features of ConnectWise PSA, not replace them. You can continue to use and enjoy all the benefits ConnectWise PSA provides.
 I have existing data in ConnectWise PSA. Will it sync with Salesbuildr?
Yes, Salesbuildr can pull existing companies, contacts, products, and services from your ConnectWise PSA system.
Can I control which ConnectWise PSA data is accessible in Salesbuildr?
Yes, Salesbuildr respects the permissions and business rules set in ConnectWise PSA, ensuring only the right people have access to sensitive data.

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