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Answers to some most common questions about our platform.

Does Salesbuildr synchronise changes to Autotask?
Yes, it synchronises changes to products and services. Salesbuildr creates opportunities and quotes in Autotask and adds the line items for you. Approved quotes in Salesbuildr end up as approved quotes in Autotask. Changes to companies and contacts in Autotask are instantly pushed to Salesbuildr.
Does Salesbuildr work with my existing distributors
We support all major distributors across Western Europe and then some. Chances are that yours will be on the list. We also pull in your internal inventory from within Autotask.
How quickly can we send our first quote?

Our team will onboard you and provide you with the initial configuration, customised templates and user training. You should be able to send your first quote within an hour of delivery. book a demo for more details.
Do you offer a trial period?
Salesbuildr has an unlimited free trial that can be started here:
Do you offer a guarantee?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with the onboarding and promised outcomes.
How does the self service functionality work?
You can offer self service ordering on a per customer basis including customer specific products and categories. You can enable rule based order approval workflows per customer where your contactperson can place and order and their manager will get a notification for final approval before the order is placed.
Can I create bundled offerings?
Yes, you can combine hardware, software and services to create packaged solutions that consist of a base product or service with standard or optional product add-ons.
What does the pricing look like?
Pricing is dependent on your users and modules chosen. Book a demo for more details.
What are your contract terms?
Salesbuildr can be canceled on a monthly basis after the initial period of 12 months.
Where is my data being stored?
Salesbuildr runs on Google Firebase and Elasticsearch. You data is stored across redundant datacenters in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

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