Salesbuildr for KPN RoutIT

We are thrilled to announce Salesbuildr's latest integration with KPN RoutIT, an internet and cloud solutions pioneer since 2000.

With RoutIT's unique indirect market strategy, Salesbuildr users can now access top-tier technical facilities, unmatched support, and expert training. Offer RoutIT's extensive services under your brand, enhancing your market stance and providing swift local support to clients.

Salesbuildr and RoutIT transform you into the ultimate ICT solution hub for your customers. Experience the synergy of two industry leaders working for you and your clients.

Salesbuildr is specially designed for IT Providers who want to elevate their sales process to a higher level. With Salesbuildr, you not only seamlessly integrate your portfolio with leading distributors such as KPN RoutIT, but you also streamline your quotation process.

This cuts down your administrative tasks by up to 50%, freeing up valuable time for strategic growth initiatives and customer engagement.

Salesbuildr's Seamless KPN RoutIT Integration

With Salesbuildr, your opportunities are created automatically. This means less time spent on tasks, and more time spent on making sales.
You can easily select items from the list of available products and add them to your proposal. These items can be linked to existing services/products in your catalogue and specific Autotask services. If a recurring KPN service doesn't exist in Autotask, you have the option to create it, further simplifying your proposal process.
This integration allows you to fetch all running contracts for a given customer on demand. The data is stored in the database and can be refreshed as needed, providing you with a streamlined way to manage customer contracts.
Since there's no existing link between Autotask and IRMA customers, we've built an interface allowing you to look up customers from IRMA and link them to Salesbuildr. Additionally, the zip code check feature enables you to fetch available services for a specific area, enhancing your proposal capabilities.
The integration introduces a single pane of glass, allowing you to view the complete range of products and services from KPN RoutIT that you can offer to your customers. This data is fetched daily and stored in your tenant's database, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

How KPN RoutIT Complements Salesbuildr

KPN RoutIT is a frontrunner in telecom and cloud solutions, and its capabilities are magnified when integrated with Salesbuildr.

KPN RoutIT's indirect market approach and local support synergise perfectly with Salesbuildr's automation features, offering a unified, end-to-end view of your entire ICT operation. With the ability to fetch daily product data and run contracts from RoutIT's IRMA system, Salesbuildr organises your portfolio in a way that's not just comprehensive but also customer-centric.

This integration taps into the robust interface around IRMA, enhancing Salesbuildr's existing functionalities and making the combined platform an indispensable asset for elevating sales and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Salesbuildr's integration capabilities extend to leading distributors, automatically pulling in product information, pricing, and availability. This ensures that your proposals are always correctly priced.

Salesbuildr works stand-alone, connected to your business platform using our API. You can also use integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Autotask, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless sales workflow.
Salesbuildr pulls in your roles from Autotask/Dynamics 365 so you can use them in your quotes, proposals and self-service store.

This includes hours added as labour quote line items, pre-defining description, cost, and sales price for each role, and automatically updating your products in Autotask/Dynamics 365 with name, description, cost, markup, and sales prices.
With Salesbuildr, shipping types set up in Autotask/Dynamics 365 can be used for quotes and proposals.

You can pre-define cost and sales price for each shipping type through Salesbuildr and set rules to add shipping to quotes and proposals automatically based on the product category.
Salesbuildr allows you to use vendors that are set up in Autotask/Dynamics 365 as custom suppliers for products.

You can update products in Autotask/D365 with cost prices from vendors, define custom or special bid prices from vendors, and automatically update the product entity in Autotask/D365.
Salesbuildr integrates your product inventory from Autotask/Dynamics 365 into Salesbuildr.

You can choose the warehouse you would like to synchronise and set alerts and notifications for items that fall below a specific stock level.

Maximise Your Competitive Edge with Special Bid Pricing

Salesbuildr enables MSPs to easily leverage special bid pricing in the increasingly competitive IT services landscape, as easy as copy and paste.

Win More Business:
Salesbuildr utilises special bids to offer your end customers competitive pricing and incentives, giving you an advantage in securing new business. It also streamlines the creation of bundled packages of hardware, software, and services at discounted prices, enhancing your customers' purchasing experience.
Boost Profitability:
Special bids can improve your profitability by providing access to discounted pricing. Salesbuildr simplifies special bid management, helping you optimise resources, reduce costs, and maintain healthy profit margins.
Foster Strong Vendor Relationships:
Special bids facilitate stronger relationships with your vendors and distributors. Salesbuildr’s platform enhances communication and collaboration, demonstrating your value as a partner.
Salesbuildr was created to fill a gap in the market for a robust sales tool for Autotask. Since then, Salesbuildr has gone on to create integration for other popular platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and now the KPN RoutIT Partner Network.
For MSPs using Autotask PSA or Dynamics 365, Salesbuildr stands out for its seamless functionality, excellent user experience, and powerful features. With our platform, you can leverage the power of your PSA/CRM, manage your sales more efficiently, and enhance your bottom line.

Got questions? We're here to help!

Answers to some most common questions about our platform.

Does Salesbuildr synchronise changes to Autotask?
Yes, it synchronises changes to products and services. Salesbuildr creates opportunities and quotes in Autotask and adds the line items for you. Approved quotes in Salesbuildr end up as approved quotes in Autotask. Changes to companies and contacts in Autotask are instantly pushed to Salesbuildr.
Does Salesbuildr work with my existing distributors
We support all major distributors across Western Europe and then some. Chances are that yours will be on the list. We also pull in your internal inventory from within Autotask.
How quickly can we send our first quote?

Our team will onboard you and provide you with the initial configuration, customised templates and user training. You should be able to send your first quote within an hour of delivery. book a demo for more details.
Do you offer a trial period?
Salesbuildr has an unlimited free trial that can be started here:
Do you offer a guarantee?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with the onboarding and promised outcomes.
How does the self service functionality work?
You can offer self service ordering on a per customer basis including customer specific products and categories. You can enable rule based order approval workflows per customer where your contactperson can place and order and their manager will get a notification for final approval before the order is placed.
Can I create bundled offerings?
Yes, you can combine hardware, software and services to create packaged solutions that consist of a base product or service with standard or optional product add-ons.
What does the pricing look like?
Pricing is dependent on your users and modules chosen. Book a demo for more details.
What are your contract terms?
Salesbuildr can be canceled on a monthly basis after the initial period of 12 months.
Where is my data being stored?
Salesbuildr runs on Google Firebase and Elasticsearch. You data is stored across redundant datacenters in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

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