Do your MSP customers need personal interaction?

March 21, 2023

Of course your customers need personal interaction. This is the value your account management and service teams provide day in, day out. But do your customers need that human interaction every time? Daily MSP operations, such as responding to incidents and generating sales quotes, are time-consuming. Customers will always need personal contact for major malfunctions however, for simpler requests such as password resets or equipment recommendations, personal contact may not be necessary.

The changing customer

As society is shifting towards more online interactions, customers are increasingly looking for information and solutions through online portals and environments. Younger generations, who grew up in the digital age and work at your customer organisations, are accustomed to self-service and are influencing the behaviour from within your customer workplaces. This can create a clash when these customers are offered a phone number for support from an MSP, as they may prefer to handle issues on their own.

Your customer contact

Just to clarify: customers absolutely want personal contact! And as an MSP, you definitely want that too. It is important to know what is happening with your customers, which developments you can take advantage of and to experience how satisfied they are with your services. Personal contact will always remain, but not for all matters.

Customers are now getting more used to self-service and automated processes in other areas of their personal and business lives, such as ordering their groceries online or shopping on Amazon. It's important to keep up with evolving customer expectations as an IT service provider. 

Online Support

Online support means providing your customers with more personal ways to contact your MSP and order products/services while saving time for your teams. This is achieved through a self-service portal that allows customers to view and order the right configurations and services suitable for their work within their company. By using this system, customers are less likely to make the wrong choices, allowing your sales and services teams to focus on discussing substantial matters with customers. Instead of spending time discussing laptops, mice, or other equipment, you can create awareness for bigger and better solutions for your customers, creating upsell opportunities, and building stronger relationships, which ultimately leads to more revenue.  

If that sounds like the goals your MSP is working towards this year, schedule a demo with Salesbuildr today to discover how your teams can spend less time on tasks, and more quality time with your customers.