July 20, 2023

Driving MSP Success: Differentiating Your MSP Portfolio and Optimising Business Value

In the competitive landscape of MSP sales, standing out and achieving success requires effective differentiation and optimisation of your portfolio.

In the competitive landscape of MSP sales, standing out and achieving success requires effective differentiation and optimisation of your portfolio. This article explores the importance of crafting a unique value proposition, enhancing your portfolio, and leveraging strategies to maximise MSP sales potential.

Differentiating Your Portfolio:

The managed IT services market is crowded. Gone are the days IT providers would only serve organisations within a ten-mile radius. MSPs are now looking far and wide for new customers. You must understand what differentiates you from the competition. Tailor your offerings to resonate with clients by focusing on their specific needs and operational requirements. Aligning your services with desired business outcomes will allow you to create a portfolio that stands out and delivers exceptional value. You portfolio should be customer focussed, centralised, connected to your distributors and business platform like Autotask or Microsoft Dynamics, organised in categories, described and correctly priced.

Crafting a Compelling Value Proposition:

A strong value proposition is key to effectively shaping your MSP portfolio. Identify what resonates with your clients and customise your offerings accordingly. By highlighting the specific benefits and business outcomes your services provide, you can differentiate yourself and address the unique pain points of your target audience. Utilise bundled solutions and add-ons to create comprehensive, tailored offerings that drive cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Optimising Business Value:

Understanding the value of your MSP business extends beyond client contracts. Focus on sales and portfolio management to enhance business value. Implement strategies to optimise costs, invest in marketing, and develop efficient sales processes. By streamlining operations and maximising profitability, you can position your business as a valuable and attractive partner in the market.

Automation and Overview:

Maintain an overview of clients and portfolios to facilitate growth and control. 

With Salesbuildr, you can gain valuable insights into your clients and categorise them logically. Automating sales processes allows for easier client purchasing, configuration of up-sell and cross-sell paths, and targeted promotions for different client groups. Furthermore, Salesbuildr's seamless PSA integrations facilitate portfolio management, pricing updates, margin monitoring, and the ability to quickly set up special pricing and promotions.

Taking the First Steps:

Embarking on portfolio optimisation and change can be daunting, but it yields significant benefits. Many MSPs have successfully leveraged Salesbuildr to help them manage what they sell, who they sell to, and how they sell, enabling them to define and craft a unique value proposition and enhance their portfolio.

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