March 1, 2022

How to Improve your MSP Lead Generation

Generating business is key to the success of any MSP, in this blog we explore techniques for MSP lead generation.

Everything You Should Know About MSP Lead Generation

As is the case for most businesses, your customers are paramount to the success of your MSP. Customer satisfaction and retention have become focal points for businesses over the years, and as the markets grows increasingly saturated it is crucial that the customers you do have remain your own. However, there is a precursor to retention and satisfaction, and that lies in generating the custom itself. While you may be delivering fantastic services to the customers you do have, you should always be looking to grow your portfolio of clients to drive revenues and growth.

This can be especially tricky when it comes to MSP lead generation as your clients demand bespoke offerings across an array of separate solutions and software applications. We’ve taken a look at several techniques you can adopt to boost MSP lead generation.

Are the Basics in Order?

A Clear and User-Friendly Website

First and foremost, your potential clients shouldn’t have to trawl through your website for the information they seek. Having a cluttered site, which is difficult to navigate, can deter prospective clients, and result in them seeking the services of your competitors. Ensure that your services and solutions are clearly outlined and easy to discover. While the information on your landing pages should give potential clients a clear understanding of the added value they provide, you should be cautious of including too much information, as there is no need to overwhelm them with information.

You can produce further marketing collateral, such as blogs, white-papers or webinars to provide additional details on certain features of a software application, or specific capabilities that may be of interest to potential clients within their sector or speciality.  

Where is the Social Proof?

Many businesses, seeking the services of an MSP, will first check to see if they have any case studies that pertain to their line of work, or the services they require. Case studies are an effective tool for MSP lead generation, as they clearly display a proven track record of working with businesses to improve their IT infrastructure, bolster their cyber security or improve their productivity, efficiency and effectivity through the services and solutions they provide.

This is also effective as it shows that your current customer base is happy with the service you are providing. Having an array of case studies on your site is a powerful MSP lead generation tool, and could be the difference between a prospective client choosing to use your services or turning to a competitor.  

Top Techniques to Boost MSP Leads

Socials and Blogging

In the age of immediacy – whether it’s receiving a quote or getting to grips with a new solution – your customers needn’t wait. While white-papers and eBooks serve a distinct purpose, they are not always a particularly effective tool for generating MSP leads. New clients want to find out how you can help advance their business in a succinct and easily digestible way.  

Your presence across social media platforms can unlock new opportunities and new clientele. By growing your social following, you are also increasing your pool of prospective clients, and your content, ranging from blog posts to white-papers and everything in between, can be pushed out to promote your services. This is where targeted content is of great importance, and it is crucial to have a clearly earmarked demographic.  

Blogs are also an effective tool for MSP lead generation, as you can give prospective clients a high-level overview of services and solutions, and how they will benefit their businesses, in an easily absorbable format. It is important to regularly update your business’ blog page, not only to ensure the content is frequently refreshed and relevant, but to also assure your existing and potential customers that your organisation is active, and ready to receive their business.

Cold Calling is NOT Dead

While cold calls may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they do still have their place in today’s Business-to-Business (B2B) world. However, as is often the case, timing is crucial. Your MSP can provide the products your potential clients need, you know how they work and how they’ll add value, you just need to ensure you are speaking to the right person at a time that is convenient to them. Therefore, calling people late in the afternoon on a Friday, or when businesses are likely to take lunch, may not be the most effective way to use cold calling for MSP lead generation.

Running PPC Campaigns

We’ve taken a look at the importance of social media for MSP lead generation, but pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns tend to be more impactful, especially if your organisation doesn’t have a substantial social following. A PPC campaign allows you to identify and target specific demographics and costs can vary significantly. Many organisations may opt to choose a lower-cost version, but this isn’t always more cost-effective in the long run, so conducting research on how to best utilise your PPC campaign, for the best results, is highly valuable.  

Salesbuildr: We’re Here to Help!

While we have taken a look at a few examples of how you can boost your MSP leads, the options are boundless. At Salesbuildr, we are able to significantly improve your MSP lead generation, as:

  • We are able to manage your catalogue, instead of creating quotes, to save you significant amounts of time.
  • We offer a self-service store front; this means your MSP allows your customers to place their orders without sales assistance. This is especially valuable for larger MSPs and is a great selling point when generating leads.  
  • We have a whole host of automation options, which streamlines processes for your clients.  

To find out how you can increase your MSP lead generation, get in touch with one of the experts at Salebuildr, today.

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