June 30, 2023

Simplifying and Maintaining an MSP Pricing Plan

Discover how to effectively maintain your MSP pricing plan and streamline portfolio management. Learn how categorising your services, automating pricing adjustments, and utilising Salesbuildr can simplify the process, increase profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Creating and maintaining a pricing plan for MSP products and services may seem simple at first, but it can become a challenging task. While setting up a pricing plan for purchased products is relatively straightforward, determining service pricing requires a more intricate approach. Additionally, as an MSP's portfolio grows over time, adjusting price indications, adding different margins, or executing special pricing actions can further complicate the process. This blog post explores the importance of organising your MSP portfolio and introduces Salesbuildr as a solution to simplify pricing plan management.

Organising Your MSP Portfolio

Efficient portfolio organisation serves as the foundation for an effective pricing plan. Categorising your products and services is essential for better management and control. While this may not be a groundbreaking concept, the challenge lies in automating and streamlining the categorisation process. You need to determine optimal categories, decide what falls under each category, make adjustments as needed, and establish and modify prices for every item within the category. Here are some suggested ways to organise your MSP portfolio:

  1. Type of equipment: Categorise products based on equipment types such as laptops, servers, storage, and routers.
  2. Function of the equipment: Group products according to their functions, such as workplace, security, computing, network, and data storage.
  3. Type of service delivery: Create categories for different service delivery areas like workplace management, server management, and service support.
  4. Bundles: Develop bundles that combine various products and services, such as Managed Cloud Workplace or Application Cloud.
  5. Customer size: Differentiate between customer sizes, i.e. SMB, SME, and Enterprise.

By organising your portfolio using these categories, you can gain better control and visibility over costs, margins, and revenue per component. This enables you to manage prices more effectively on a category and item level.

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Streamlining Portfolio Management with Salesbuildr

Salesbuildr offers a comprehensive solution for portfolio management, simplifying the maintenance of your pricing plan. Product and service management is one of the main areas within Salesbuildr, allowing you to connect with your distributors and retrieve real-time purchase prices. Applying margins and discounts to products within a category becomes effortless. Salesbuildr's product and services management is particularly helpful when dealing with bundled or combined products, such as laptops with mandatory add-ons, such as Windows and Office 365 licenses, and accompanying accessories like mice and keyboards etc. With Salesbuildr, adjusting pricing policies based on specific customer needs or groups can be done with ease.

Benefits of Salesbuildr for MSPs:

  1. Automated Pricing: By integrating with your distributors, Salesbuildr ensures you always have up-to-date purchase prices at your disposal. This enables you to apply margins and discounts consistently, ensuring accurate and competitive pricing.
  2. Bundle Management: Salesbuildr simplifies the management of bundled offerings. You can easily create and modify bundled packages, including associated products and services, catering to the unique requirements of your customers.
  3. Customised Pricing Policies: With Salesbuildr, you have the flexibility to establish different pricing policies for specific customer segments or groups. This allows you to tailor pricing strategies based on customer preferences, driving customer satisfaction and revenue growth.
  4. Improved Efficiency: Salesbuildr streamlines the pricing plan management process, reducing manual effort and saving time. By automating tasks, such as price adjustments and discount promotions, you can focus on strategic business initiatives and customer satisfaction.

Discover how Salesbuildr can help you take control of your MSP pricing plan and portfolio management.

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Maintaining an effective pricing plan for MSPs requires organised portfolio management and streamlined processes. You can gain better control over costs, margins, and revenue by categorising your MSP portfolio based on equipment type, function, service delivery, bundles, and customer size. However, managing the pricing plan without a tool like Salesbuildr can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

With Salesbuildr, you can automate pricing adjustments, manage bundled offerings, and customise pricing policies for different customer segments. By simplifying pricing plan maintenance, Salesbuildr allows MSPs to focus on strategic initiatives and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Book a demo with Salesbuildr today to explore how it can revolutionise your MSP pricing plan and portfolio management, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

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