Standing out from the competition: Positioning your MSP

April 14, 2023

MSPs often struggle to identify their competitors, particularly if those MSPs provide the usual generic IT services to various industries. This makes it challenging to differentiate themselves from other local IT providers. MSPs can start standing out from the competition by focusing on the following areas:

Value Proposition

The key is providing unique value to customers that solve their problems and offers additional benefits, fostering a sense of shared development between the customer and the MSP. The MSP needs to understand how its unique approach to IT services offers more value than the other IT business across the city. 

Industry/Sector Specialists

By aligning your value proposition with your target group, you can establish a distinctive position in the market. For instance, specialising in healthcare or transportation can lead to greater recognition among other organisations in those industries. Marketing and sales can focus on key target organisations within those sectors, attending industry events and creating marketing content that addresses specific challenges within that sector. For more information on how to target specific sectors and personas, check out our MSP Marketing Strategy Guide.

Quality of Service

In any service-led organisation, the quality of your service delivery is a crucial factor in setting yourself apart from competitors. MSPs can showcase their quality through ISO certifications, high levels of customer satisfaction, and well-designed and automated processes.

To stand out in the market, a clear focus on quality, target industries, and value proposition is essential. Customers today are very selective and look for partners that fit well with their needs.

Think about your customers’ processes

A key step to differentiating your MSP is to start by focusing on optimising delivery to customers. By enhancing your customers’ processes, your MSP can create a reliable and fast IT environment, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Customers want to know that their IT provider understands their business. Including their unique internal processes. This is exactly how Salesbuildr adds value to our MSP customers. We understand that MSPs need a frictionless, customer-focused sales process. Customers want to be able to upscale and downscale new users with ease, without going through a lengthy sales cycle with their account manager. If an MSP has productised their IT offering, and made this available to their customers through a self-serve portal like Salesbuildr, their customers can easily add new users as they hire new people. This added efficiency will definitely set MSPs apart from other providers.  

For more information on “How to Productise your MSP Services” download our free guide.

How to productise your MSP services

Your competitors are not standing still

As customers are becoming more demanding and selective in their choices, MSPs are developing in response. Your competitors are scaling up to better support customers and automating more processes. The market is demanding it, and other companies in the same market are moving in that direction too. The key to standing out is to offer something unique and deliver it efficiently and effectively. 

How can you start? Book a demo with Salesbuildr today to discover how we can help your MSP stand out from the crowd by automating sales processes, reducing admin time, and giving your sales teams more time to provide value to customers.