April 27, 2022

What are the CPQ Best Practices?

CPQ software aids the efficiency and accuracy of your quoting process – but how can you implement it effectively? Our blog explores all the key CPQ best practices.

What is CPQ software?

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is a tool that allows businesses to efficiently create sales quotes for their products. Using CPQ software introduces automation into the pricing process so that quotes can be generated far more quickly and accurately. Users have reported 10x faster quote generation and a 95% reduction in approval times when using a CPQ effectively.

While this software eliminates a number of sales challenges, it is important that you understand the CPQ best practices before you begin implementation. This helps to make the transition to your new solution smoother and allows you to reap the positive results faster.

Top 4 CPQ best practices

In this article, we will introduce you to four of the key CPQ best practices that will allow you to integrate this software into your sales process seamlessly.

Identify and explain the need

If your sales team does not appreciate the need for CPQ software, then they will be reluctant to adopt it into their processes. Emphasising the advantages of CPQ will help to ensure that your team are on board from the offset. Some of these benefits include more efficient quote generation, a reduction in the time spent training new sales employees, an increased opportunity for sales, and significant error reductions. In short, CPQ software offers your sales team the ability to finalise more sales faster and creates more upsell opportunities.

Address the complexity of unification

CPQ brings together many different areas of your business, including sales, pre-sales, legal, finance, product management and product pricing – to name just a few. As these areas of your organisation may have never worked together before, it is essential that you make accommodations for the complexities this could cause before you roll out your CPQ software. For instance, ensure that everyone involved can access the necessary information and alter business workflows as needed. This helps to avoid delays and roadblocks that will limit sales further down the line.

Prioritise quoting

CPQ software is specifically designed to improve your quoting capabilities. As such, this should be what you prioritise when using CPQ. You might feel tempted to try and introduce other sales processes into your CPQ platform. However, this can cause unnecessary complication and ultimately negatively affect the implementation of your CPQ. Instead, you should support the usage of your CPQ software with other complementary tools that you can use to build in other essential sales processes.

Match your CPQ to your technology

One of the most essential CPQ best practises is ensuring that the software you introduce works seamlessly with your existing technology and your PSA. Salesbuildr is designed to integrate seamlessly with Autotask, allowing you to automatically compile up to date distributor product information, pricing and availability in the Autotask PSA. This integration makes your CPQ usage smoother and more effective.

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