May 10, 2022

What You Need to Know About CPQ CRM Integration

In our recent blog we explore the benefits of CPQ CRM integration, and how it can be leveraged to increase company-wide growth.

What You Should Know About CPQ PSA Integration

Arguably, an organisation’s finances, alongside their customers, make up two of the most essential components of any organisation. One is often a consequence of the other, so why are they typically viewed as separate entities? By uniting your Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software and your Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools, you are able to utilise the capabilities of one to further drive the functionality of the other.

What is CPQ software?

Organisations wishing to create sales quotes for their products will seek to leverage CPQ software to streamline procedures. This boosts the efficiency of each process significantly, while also enhancing accuracy, by automating many of the processes involved in generating quotes, the pricing process and approval procedures.  

Many businesses will also use a PSA tool for streamlining the proposal generation process. This also enables organisations to significantly ease the procedures for project and resource management, juggling multiple clients as well as projects and financial processes. Not only does this benefit organisations that are using PSA tools, but this improves the services they are able to offer to their clients, which can boost retention and satisfaction rates.

The Benefits of CPQ CRM Integration

By treating both systems as separate entities, you are effectively placing them in their silos – which can significantly decrease their effectivity. With CPQ PSA integration, your business benefits from:

  • A cost-effective solution is one of the key benefits of CPQ PSA integration. Your sales team will now be able to check inventory, pricing, orders and proposal management – all directly within their PSA tool. This means quotes can be generated in a fraction of the time, pricing and rules for bidding can be automated and approvals can be either track or managed as and when you see fit. This eliminates timely back and forth processes, which are unproductive and a drain on resources and profits.
  • Bolstered customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of your business. When your business adopts CPQ PSA integration, your processes are not only streamlined, but significantly improved. This allows your sales team to provide a better service to your customers. If your sales departments aren’t having to wait on generating quotes, pricing or approval processes or proposal generation, nor are your customers – significantly improving your customer satisfaction rates.
  • Greater transparency and enhanced insights into where your business is operating well, and how you can improve. Your organisation can also profit from the increased strategy and foresight of CPQ PSA integration, as your system can forecast demands in revenue, resources and cash flow. By receiving a clear and concise view of how your CPQ and PSA work alongside one another, issues can be far easier addressed and rectified.

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