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BMP Datapartners

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BMP Datapartners

BMP Datapartners is an MSP based in Sassenheim, Netherlands. Their compact yet highly skilled team of 11 manages a robust clientele of over 700. Founded in 1996, they serve a wide range of sectors, with a keen focus on automation.


The leadership team at BMP Datapartners felt the link between sales and services teams needed to be better aligned. They wanted to standardise their products and services to ensure sales teams were only selling approved products and services the service team could deliver. Productisation is a priority. BMP Datapartners needed a tool to help them ensure they were always providing business outcomes rather than a mix of services and products.

At a glance...


  • No product and service catalogue.
  • Confusion between sales and services teams.
  • Selling products and services, not business outcomes.


  • Standardised products and services.
  • Focus on business outcomes.
  • Sales teams have more time for clients.
  • Increased average revenue on new sales opportunities.


Salesbuildr provides a Product Management function that serves as a centralised catalogue for all products and services offered by an MSP. All products and services are standardised, kept up-to-date and neatly sorted into categories and subcategories. MSPs can create bundles that include both mandatory and optional add-ons, increasing opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Opportunities, product information, pricing, and availability are automatically updated and pushed to Autotask PSA. With smart filters and bulk editing, MSP teams spend less time on tasks, and more time on clients.


BMP Datapartners now has a defined set of products and services that are standardised across sales and services, resulting in less friction between both teams. Since productising their services in Salesbuildr, BMP Datapartners are assured their teams are providing business outcomes.

Their teams now have more time to offer support to their clients. Products and services are automatically updated across Autotask, reducing admin time. Since utilising Bundles and applying mandatory and optional add-ons in Salesbuildr, their average sales quote value has increased.

Partnering with Salesbuildr has greatly improved operations at BMP Datapartners. We have streamlined our product and service offerings, making it easier to deliver consistent, outcome-focused services. The product management area has enabled us to standardise our offerings and helped to reduce our admin. Since using Salesbuildr, we've seen an increase in our sales quote value and have been able to cross-sell and upsell more effectively.
Xander Vlasveld, CTO, BMP Datapartners

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