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Central Technology

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Central Technology

Central Technology (CT) is a leading IT service provider with 95 team members based at their head office in Chesterfield, UK. Over its 20-year history, CT has become an expert provider of outcome-driven IT solutions to the legal, hospice, manufacturing, charity, and professional services sectors.


Understanding how competitive the IT services space is, CT has invested heavily in its service offering, branding and company identity to stand out from the competition. They needed a sales system that could allow them to showcase not just their products and services but who they are as a business. 

CT uses Autotask as their PSA. Their previous sales tool was not purpose-built for Autotask and lacked automation, meaning sales teams had to manually duplicate data entry across Autotask and other systems, causing unnecessary admin work and increasing the chance of human error. The poor integration with Autotask led to inaccurate pipeline and forecasting information due to syncing errors.

At a glance...


  • Limited proposal building functionality.
  • Poor integration with Autotask.
  • Inaccurate pipeline and forecasting.
  • Lack of automation means more sales admin.


  • Great looking, on-brand, competition-beating proposals.
  • Standardised, categorised products and services synced with Autotask. 
  • Accurate pipeline forecasting.
  • Sales spend less time on admin and more time with customers.


CT discovered Salesbuildr, the premium sales tool for growing IT service providers. They were particularly impressed by Salesbuildr’s proposal builder, which offered unparalleled flexibility in showcasing their products, services and company identity in a way their legacy system could not. 

The team at CT were shown the automation capabilities of Salesbuildr and how seamlessly the tool integrated with Autotask. They immediately realised how much time could be saved with the proposal creation process and manual data entry across Autotask and their previous tool.


Since moving to Salesbuildr, CT’s sales team has seen significant improvements in the proposal creation process. By investing the time into creating templates based on their sector-specific, outcome-based services and bundles, the sales team can create great-looking, on-brand proposals “twice as fast” as before in Salesbuildr’s drag-and-drop proposal builder. Additionally, inline editing makes it easy for sales teams to make any small tweaks to completely personalise their proposals. 

As Salesbuildr automatically syncs with Autotask in real-time, the sales team no longer has to manually enter data across both systems, improving forecast accuracy and allowing them to engage more deeply with their customers.

The team at CT are now exploring Salesbuildr’s self-service storefront and how they can further optimise their sales process by enabling certain customers to purchase standardised, categorised products and services in an e-commerce fashion.

Overall, Salesbuildr has empowered Central Technology to not only streamline their sales process but also to present their business in a way that truly reflects their expertise and commitment to delivering outcome-driven IT solutions.

Moving to Salesbuildr has significantly increased our sales team efficiency. We have invested a lot of time in structuring our services and presenting our brand, and Salesbuildr helps our sales team create great-looking proposals quickly and easily, all whilst reducing admin time. We were initially worried about changing such a vital tool in our process, but the additional functionality we can now leverage in Salesbuildr has been worth it. The ongoing development of Salesbuildr is clear to see with additional functionality that our team can leverage to further streamline our sales process.
Matt Atkinson | Sales Manager | Central Technology

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