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ECX ICT Business Solutions

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ECX ICT Business Solutions

ECX ICT Business Solutions is a Belgian MSP that provides complete ICT solutions for professional clients. Their goal is to simplify their clients’ lives by providing ICT expertise and taking over the complexity of ICT management.


ECX are experts in providing IT services and solutions to their clients. However, they felt like the link between sales and services teams was not aligned.ECX wanted to standardise their products and services.

Productisation became a key business focus for ECX. They needed a tool to help them ensure they were selling business outcomes to their clients, rather than different services and products. This caused unnecessary admin time for both sales and services teams.

At a glance...


  • No product and service catalogue.
  • Sales and services teams were unaligned.
  • Not selling outcomes.


  • Standardised products and services.
  • Allows ECX to sell business outcomes.
  • Sales and services teams have more time for clients.
  • Increased average revenue on new sales opportunities.


Salesbuildr’s Centralised Product Management acts as a central catalogue for everything an MSP sells. Every product and service is standardised, up-to-date and neatly organised in categories and subcategories. MSPs can create bundles with mandatory and optional add-ons, increasing cross and up-sell opportunities.

Product information, pricing and availability are automatically updated and pushed to Autotask PSA. With smart filters and bulk editing, MSP teams spend less time on tasks, and more time on clients.


ECX now has standardised products and services that are understood by both sales and service teams.This has resulted in a frictionless process between both teams.

Since productising their services in Salesbuildr, ECX can provide business outcomes for their clients.They are no longer selling a wide range of products and services to each of their clients.

ECX teams now have more time to offer support and sales to their clients. Products and services are automatically updated across PSA and sales opportunities from the product management system, reducing admin time across both teams.

Since utilising Bundles, and applying mandatory and optional add-ons in Salesbuildr, average sales quote values have increased.

Salesbuildr has transformed our sales operations, streamlining the collaboration between our sales and service teams. By standardising our service offerings and automating updates, we can deliver impactful business outcomes to our clients. It has greatly enhanced our efficiency and boosted the value of our sales quotes.
Wim Vermeulen, General Manager, ECX ICT Business Solutions

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