Case Study


Autotask | Large MSP


EXPRO IT is an MSP based in the Netherlands, offering comprehensive IT and telecom services. A leading partner of Microsoft and VMWare, they provide a complete package of services for the modern workplace in the cloud. EXPRO also provides Internet connections, fixed and mobile telephony and calling via Teams.


EXPRO IT faced a significant challenge with their sales teams spending excessive time on administrative tasks, including manual data entry in Autotask. This duplication of effort resulted from using a previous sales and quoting tool that lacked seamless integration with their PSA system.

At a glance...


  • Too much time is spent on admin.
  • Sales not spending time with customers.


  • Sales teams have more time for customers.
  • Streamlined sales process.
  • Improved customer experience.


EXPRO IT turned to Salesbuildr, the sales tool specifically designed for MSPs using Autotask. Salesbuildr's seamless integration with Autotask eliminated the need for manual data entry, saving the sales team valuable time. They could now focus on selling and providing exceptional service to their clients, rather than being burdened by administrative tasks.


The implementation of Salesbuildr resulted in remarkable efficiency improvements for EXPRO IT. The sales teams experienced a significant reduction in administrative workload, allowing them to dedicate more time to client engagement and sales activities. By eliminating manual data entry, EXPRO IT achieved greater efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in their sales process. This streamlined approach improved their overall productivity and customer experience.

Salesbuildr has been a game-changer for our sales teams. We no longer waste valuable time on manual data entry, thanks to the seamless integration with Autotask. This has allowed us to focus on what matters most - providing exceptional service to our clients and driving business growth.
Wouter Mertens, Owner, EXPRO IT

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