Case Study


Autotask | Small-Medium MSP


i4 is an IT service provider based in Ede and Amsterdam, Netherlands. The sales team at i4 works with a wide range of organisations and has adopted a “cloud-first” strategy that enables their customers to focus on their core business, integrating future-proof high-end IT solutions into daily their operations.


i4’s sales team needed a better way to create great-looking quotes and proposals. Their previous system was restrictive in terms of design and functionality. A lack of integration with Autotask PSA meant that sales reps were manually updating both sales tools and PSA, causing unnecessary admin. 

i4’s leadership team wanted to ensure only standardised products and services were sold so that sales and services teams were better aligned. They needed a centralised system to manage products from partner distributors and i4’s managed services.

At a glance...


  • Looking to create better quotes.
  • Previous system was restrictive.
  • Limited integration with Autotask.
  • Standardisation of sales portfolio. 


  • Template-based quick quoting process.
  • Increased efficiency in the sales team.
  • Seamless integration with Autotask.
  • Exploring self-service customer storefront.


Salesbuildr’s product management solution serves as a centralised catalogue for everything an MSP provides. Sales teams can sell only products from approved distributor feeds. Products from multiple distributor feeds are standardised, up-to-date, and systematically sorted into categories and subcategories. MSPs can create bundles with mandatory and optional add-ons, such as a Microsoft 365 licence with every laptop, increasing cross and up-sell opportunities.

Salesbuildr’s drag-and-drop, template-based quote creation system enables sales teams to generate professional-looking quotes quickly and easily. Salesbuildr’s seamless integration with Autotask ensures that product information, pricing and availability are automatically, instantly updated. 

Salesbuildr’s seamless integration with Autotask automatically updates opportunities, product information, pricing, and availability, reducing manual data entry and minimising errors.


i4’s sales team can now create professional proposals and quotes with ease. The template-based proposal editor, smart filters and bulk editing, and seamless Autotask integration have reduced sales admin time by 50%, removing the need for manual data entry across sales and PSA systems.

i4’s sales team now only sell approved, standardised products and services from one centralised location. Services and sales teams are much more aligned, as the whole business knows exactly what is being sold and delivered. 

i4 are experimenting with Salesbuildr’s self-service customer storefronts. Specific customers can be granted access to purchase products and services directly from i4’s standardised portfolio within Salesbuildr. This makes upscaling new users frictionless and reduces sales admin time. Orders created in the storefront automatically update Autotask PSA to enable service teams to start immediately.

Salesbuildr has enabled us to take control of what is being sold. Our previous tools were restrictive, causing too much admin, but Salesbuildr and Autotask work perfectly together. Our sales team is much more efficient, they have more time to spend speaking with customers. We’re excited about the customer storefront and how it can make our process even smoother.
Michel van de Pol, Director, i4

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