Case Study


Autotask | Small-Medium MSP


Partnerup is a Dutch MSP focusing on automation to create an optimal mix of efficient ICT solutions. With an efficient team of 13 IT experts, their goal is to create a safe and successful working environment locally and in the cloud.


As a smaller MSP, Partnerup wanted to be able to create professional proposals that could help them stand out from the competition. Additionally, they want to ensure that what they are selling is managed from a centralised location, which helps standardisation across the sales and services teams.

As an Autotask MSP, they faced the challenge of manually entering data across Autotask and their legacy systems, which consumed a lot of time that could have been used for other important tasks such as account management and improving overall customer experience.

At a glance...


  • Time consuming proposal creation.
  • Only sell approved, standardised products and services.
  • Reduce sales admin tasks.
  • More time for customers.


  • Easily and quickly create professional proposals.
  • Improved brand consistency.
  • Standardised products and services.
  • Up to 50% reduction in sales admin time.
  • More time for customer relationships.


Partnerup found Salesbuildr and, after watching our on-demand quick demo, knew this could be the solution they were looking for. Salesbuildr’s template-based quote creation system enabled their teams to easily generate professional and tailored quotes quickly for their customers, as easy as drag and drop.

Salesbuildr’s product management solution serves as a centralised catalogue for everything an MSP provides. Each product and service is standardised, up-to-date, and systematically sorted into categories and subcategories. MSPs can create bundles with mandatory and optional add-ons, increasing cross and up-sell opportunities. 

Salesbuildr’s seamless integration with Autotask PSA ensures that product information, pricing and availability are automatically, instantly updated and pushed to Autotask from Salesbuildr. With smart filters and bulk editing, MSP teams spend less time on tasks and more time on clients.


Since adopting Salesbuildr, Partnerup’s team can easily and quickly create professional proposals and quotes for prospects and existing customers. Their proposals look great in the eyes of their prospects and also help improve brand consistency across their documentation.

Partnerup’s proposals now only include approved, standardised products and services from one centralised location. Providing standardised products and services has removed unnecessary friction between sales and services teams. Each side of the business is now fully aligned on what is being sold and what is being delivered. 

Thanks to Salesbuildr’s seamless integration with Autotask, sales no longer manually enter product information and update opportunities or pricing. Partnerup reported that their sales teams now spend 50% less time on administrative tasks, allowing them to dedicate more time to customers.

Salesbuildr has transformed our proposal process at Partnerup. From the first demo, we knew we were onto the right solution. Salesbuildr lets us create professional, tailored quotes effortlessly. Its integration with Autotask stood out for us, cutting our admin tasks in half and ensuring our sales and service teams are in sync. With Salesbuildr, we’re not just creating proposals but building confidence and efficiency in every client interaction.
Julian Rietman, ICT-advisor, Partnerup

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