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Autotask | Small-Medium MSP


Pioneer-360 is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) located in New Philadelphia, Ohio, United States. Pioneer-360’s team of 36 IT professionals service a diverse range of industries, focusing on security and compliance solutions within the financial industry, and hold SOC 2 Type II certifications that demonstrate their passion for security.


The systems used by the Pioneer-360 sales team lacked customisation on quotes. The integration with their PSA system, Autotask, was poor, lacking any automation features. This meant sales teams had to manually copy and paste data across sales and PSA systems, a time-consuming and error-prone process, leading to duplication of work and a significant waste of resources. 

Pioneer-360 was specifically frustrated with the limitations of its legacy system when it came to sending sales proposals. Their old system would only allow one account profile to be set, meaning that account managers had to send proposals with a different signature, causing confusion among customers and prospects. This also meant that reporting and forecasting were inaccurate and time-consuming.

Pioneer-360 needed an intuitive new system that would allow them to create competitive sales proposals and quotes while seamlessly integrating with their PSA system.

At a glance...


  • Limited customisation on quotes
  • Poor Autotask integration
  • Lack of automation features
  • Outdated proposal templates
  • Restricted account permissions on quotes


  • Quickly and easily started a free trial
  • Self-onboarding sales approach
  • Intuitive interface, easy-to-use platform
  • Great looking competition-beating proposals
  • Accurate forecasting breakdown by team member


Pioneer-360 found Salesbuildr on Google. John Warehime II, Director of Sales at Pioneer-360, was pleased with how quick and easy it was for him to start up a free trial straight from the website.

In the trial, after easily syncing Pioneer-360’s Autotask instance, John discovered how Salesbuildr offers unrivalled proposal customisation. This enabled the sales team to create and send competition-beating quotes and proposals from an intuitive drag-and-drop, template-based editor. 

Salesbuildr works seamlessly with Autotask PSA, allowing Pioneer-360 to automate various stages of their sales workflow. IT sales teams using Salesbuildr save 48% of time spent on admin on average.

Within three weeks of starting their trial, Pioneer-360 signed up and onboarded with Salesbuildr. John was pleased with the ‘hands-off’ approach from Salesbuildr during the trial process, but when it came to the onboarding, Salesbuildr’s industry expertise instilled trust in the Pioneer-360 team. When asked if they would be interested in featuring as a Salesbuildr success story, John replied, “I would love to do that. Absolutely.”


Since switching to Salesbuildr, Pioneer-360’s sales team has benefited from working with an intuitive sales tool. The quote and proposal creation process has improved significantly. The team can create great-looking proposals quicker and easier than before. Using template-based widgets and applying mandatory and optional product add-ons has helped sales reps increase their overall margin on opportunities. 

“I've been creating widgets as I have time, and also started looking at pre-attaching products to those widgets with required add-ons. The guys are really liking the way that this is shaping up.” 

Pioneer-360’s sales team no longer has to manually enter data across Autotask and their sales systems. Salesbuildr automatically syncs with Autotask in real-time, saving countless hours of admin each month. This extra time saved has allowed the sales team to spend more time with customers, planning for future projects and improving customer experience overall.

From the moment I started the free trial, I was impressed by how easy the platform was to use. Within minutes, I was able to sync our Autotask instance. The drag-and-drop editor made creating proposal templates a breeze. Switching to Salesbuildr was seamless, and within one month of starting the trial, we were fully onboarded. Our sales team is saving time, and we have seen the average value of proposals steadily increase. I highly recommend Salesbuildr to any IT provider working with Autotask.
John Warehime II - Director of Sales

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