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Dynamics 365 | Large MSP


VanRoey is a leading Belgian ICT integrator that offers diverse IT solutions to businesses in various industries. With a large team of IT experts and sales professionals, their focus is on innovation and delivering excellent customer service. The company offers a large array of products and services from multiple vendors and specialises in Microsoft, for which they are a Tier 1 Partner.


Due to the vast amount and complexity of solutions, VanRoey’s team faced challenges in both streamlining their sales process and ensuring consistency across their product and services offerings. They need a solution that seamlessly integrates with their internal operations in Dynamics 365 and provides a centralised platform for managing their sales activities. VanRoey wanted to optimise their sales workflow, enhance team collaboration, and deliver customers a personalised and efficient sales experience.

At a glance...


  • Ensure consistency across products and services.
  • Dynamics 365 integration.
  • Optimise sales workflows and processes.


  • Seamless sales workflow.
  • More efficient sales team.
  • Reduced admin time.
  • Increased quote values.
  • Improved customer experience.


Salesbuildr proved to be the ideal solution for VanRoey, streamlining their sales process, standardising product offerings and boosting overall efficiency. They utilised Salesbuildr's central catalogue to organise and manage products and services, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their sales proposals and quotes. The ability to create bundles and add-ons enabled them to offer tailored solutions to their clients, driving cross-selling and upselling opportunities.


Implementing Salesbuildr brought significant improvements to VanRoey's sales operations. The integration with Dynamics 365 provided a seamless workflow, enabling their sales teams to work more efficiently, reducing the time taken on administrative tasks, and giving them more time for customer interactions as a result.

With standardised products and pre-designed templates, the VanRoey sales team can now focus on delivering tailored solutions for their customers' needs. Using bundles and add-ons further enhances their sales strategy, increasing sales quote values and improving customer experience.

Salesbuildr has been a game-changer for our sales process. It seamlessly integrates with our Dynamics 365 system and provides a centralised platform for managing all sales activities. Salesbuildr allows us to prefabricate and centrally manage content blocks and templates for our sales team. This saves them a lot of time on building quotes and it eliminates the risk of outdated or inaccurate offerings finding their way to clients. Standardising our product offerings and creating tailored solutions have allowed us to deliver exceptional value to our clients. We highly recommend Salesbuildr to any organisation looking to streamline their sales operations and drive business growth.
Hans Hoskens, Finance & Digitalisation Director at VanRoey

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